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17 Things HR for Health Software Doesn't Do

Join us for an exclusive live webinar unveiling the unique benefits of HR for Health Software. Discover the steps we've taken to ensure top-level compliance and functionality while safeguarding your business.

September 28th 12pm PST | 3pm ET

Here's what we will cover in this webinar:

  • Compliance functionality
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date handbooks
  • Law/policy update notifications
  • IP-specific time clock with advanced features
  • Updated NHC document management
  • Break tracking and legal implications
  • Clock-in restrictions for greater control
  • Mobile clock-in preference
  • Time change limitations to prevent fraud
  • Timesheet editing restriction options
  • Timesheet deletion prevention
  • Manual entry blocking
  • Notifications for early clock-ins
  • Automated tracking for per diem employees
  • Time off tracking and resolutions
  • Customizable overtime tracking
  • Controlled access to sensitive information
HR for Health - HR Software Laptop

With the help of our partner law firm, Dental & Medical Counsel, we have developed a system that supports your business needs and compliance requirements.

**Please Note: HR for Health Software does not provide general HR advice but rather offers access to a team of HR experts committed to providing timely and accurate answers to your HR-related questions.

Ready to get started? Register now and secure your spot for our live webinar. Understand the advantages of using HR for Health Software and make your healthcare practice more efficient and legally compliant. We look forward to seeing you there!

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