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Payroll with HR for Health 

Make processing payroll a second thought.

Worry-Free Payroll Processing

You’re probably not a math major. The last thing you want to do is spend your time calculating weighted averages just to process payroll. Instead of sweating over arithmetic, searching for buried emails with time-off requests, and arguing about vacation time you could be processing payroll in just 2 clicks with HR for Health.


See how easy payroll can be.


We know everyone handles payroll differently…

Listen, we get it, payroll sucks and for some sorry souls, it can take hours if not days to get through each week. To be clear, it shouldn’t take you anymore than 10 minutes especially with HR for Health. Our integrated payroll and time clock features makes the bi-weekly payroll process scramble a thing of the past. 

Why Your Payroll Program Isn’t Enough

Payroll doesn’t equal HR. We’ll say it again for the office managers in the back, just because you have a software that handles payroll doesn’t mean you’re HR compliant. In fact, you’d be surprised how many name brand payroll providers cause employee claims by not adhering to local, federal, and state regulations. 

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Payroll with HR for Health

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