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13 Employee Time Tracking Tricks & Treats to Keep You Legal

Wednesday, November 1st at 2pm PST | 5pm EST

If you're tired of worrying about state laws and overtime calculations, managing manual timesheets or paying employees incorrectly due to outdated practices, we have the perfect solution for you

Join us for an enlightening webinar on timekeeping essentials powered by HR for Health! Learn how HR for Health's intuitive Timeclock tool will help you manage workforce timings with precise state-specific regulations in compliance with your area.

Register now if you're:

  • Wondering if you're using your Timekeeping Practice Management System correctly.
  • Tired of manually editing your employees’ timesheets.
  • Worried about unauthorized overtime by your workforce.

Remember, you are not alone! Our webinar will teach you how to solve these issues and streamline your timekeeping system effectively.

HR for Health - HR Software Laptop

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Understanding the features of HR for Health’s Timeclock
  • Streamlining manual timesheets
  • Automated timesheet audits
  • Advanced features
  • Track Projects and Secondary Pay Rates
  • Access to Watchdog Reports
  • Manage Early Clock-ins

Discover how to manage your timekeeping system better and ensure every hour of work is counted correctly. More importantly, learn how to operate in a compliant, seamless manner ensuring tranquility of mind.

Meet Your Host

Ryann Danna, Product Specialist

As an HR software expert and a vital member of the HR for Health team, Ryann is skilled at increasing efficiency and effectiveness for our healthcare customers. Her secret weapon? Putting HR on autopilot with HR for Health's software.

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