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How to Fire Someone Without Getting Sued

Lauren Walchek on common termination mistakes and how to properly separate from your employees.

September 6th 12pm PST | 3pm ET

Navigating the tricky waters of employee separations can be challenging. From understanding the various types of employee separations to ensuring legal compliance, your practice's reputation and financial stability are at stake. Eliminate the guesswork with our comprehensive webinar, meticulously designed to empower you in managing the most critical aspect of employer-employee relationships - employee separations.

How to Fire Someone Without Getting Sued

Here's what we will cover in this webinar:

  • Types of Employee Separations: Master the distinctions between terminations, resignations, layoffs, and furloughs. Having this understanding is crucial to handle each type appropriately.

  • Probationary Period Pitfalls: Learn about common mistakes during an employee's probationary period and how to provide a fair opportunity for improvement.

  • Final Paychecks and Compliance: Uncover vital compliance requirements while administering final paychecks, managing PTO payouts, and achieving policy consistency.

  • The Importance of Documentation: Find out how keeping accurate and complete records can safeguard your organization against potential wrongful termination claims.

  • The "At-Will" Relationship Illusion: Gain insights into finding balance within the "at-will" employment framework and avoid costly misinterpretations.

  • Managing Resignations vs. Terminations: Ensure that you handle each employee separation case adeptly to minimize unnecessary legal risks.

  • Handling Protected Groups with Care: Learn about the heightened risk associated with terminating employees in protected groups and implementing ethical practices.

  • Effective Communication Strategies: Discover the importance of appropriate communication during employee separations to protect both parties and maintain harmony.

  • Bonus Advice on Unemployment Claims: Learn when it's advisable to dispute unemployment claims and when it's best to let them go, avoiding further complications.

After attending this webinar, you can confidently manage separations, protect your practice, and foster a better working environment - all while staying firmly within legal boundaries. However, we want to make it clear that if you don't consult with human resources, a lawyer, or use the HR for Health software, there will not be evidence that you took the proper steps to terminate an employee. Even with the best intentions, you must seek professional guidance.

Ready to master the art of employee separations? Register today and create a workplace that thrives on fairness, transparency, and professionalism!

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