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Reasonable Accommodations Guide for the Pregnant Worker Fairness Act

A brief history of making things right.

The PWFA didn't just roll out of bed and into the Federal Register. It's been a long road. Born from a legacy of advocacy and some serious legal legwork, this law is set to redefine what it means to support your workforce from hire to retire—or maternity leave, as the case may be.

Let's get real—making workplace adjustments for pregnant workers is something we should have nailed down a long time ago. It's not charity; it's about crafting a retention narrative that reads better than your average corporate spiel. When you prop up your team, they stick with you. It's not rocket science; it's just good business.

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PWFA Demystified, because knowledge is power

So, what's the PWFA bringing to the table? Think of it as a VIP pass for expecting employees to work in comfort and safety. This isn't just about making nice-nice with the law, it's about adapting to a workplace landscape that acknowledges every employee's worth—even (and especially) when they're doubling as a baby incubator.


The Healthcare Sector: Where every law hits harder

Healthcare hotshots, this one's got your name on it. The PWFA is especially salient in your universe of scrubs and stethoscopes. It's more than dotting I's and crossing T's—it’s about fostering a workspace that mirrors the care you give to patients, extending it to the professionals who make it all happen.

Partner with HR for Health

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Sounds like heaven, right?

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Compliance without the complications

Ready to superhero dive into the world of PWFA compliance? Yeah, us too—minus the spandex. While the download below gives you the PWFA poster basics, HR for Health is here to streamline the nitty-gritty. Our assistance is like that one dependable scrubs pocket—you didn’t know you needed it, but now you can't live without it.

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What you'll learn:

New Hire Onboarding

  • Simplified onboarding process with electronic signatures
  • Automatic updates for state and federal forms
  • Customizable new hire checklist with optional documents
Employee NHC
  • Review and manage completed documents at the employee level
Job Descriptions
  • Assign industry-specific job descriptions to employees
  • Employees can review and confirm their job description within the platform
  • Management document vault for secure storage and organization
  • Permissions feature to control access to sensitive documents
Separation Documents
  • Access to necessary separation documents for employee terminations or resignations
Did You Know Segment
  • Notes feature for documenting conversations and interactions
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