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Mastering 2024 Law Updates

Tuesday, November 21st at 9am PST | 12pm EST

Join us for an exclusive webinar chaired by our CEO, Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M. on the key law updates that will take effect from January 2024.

What Will You Learn?

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • A comprehensive overview of upcoming Federal law changes
  • Significant state-level law updates
  • The effect of these law changes on your healthcare or dental practice
  • Strategies to deal with the potential impacts of these legal modifications

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Why Should You Attend This Webinar?

So, you run a healthcare practice? Are you aware of the imminent legal changes that will affect your operations? Chances are there's more to understand and be prepared for. This webinar will provide you with the essential information and tools to navigate the 2024 legal changes efficiently.

Understand Future Changes to Protect your Practice

Our multifaceted webinar is aimed at supporting dental and healthcare practices with crucial insights into the new law changes and why they are significant to your business operations.

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Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M.

CEO at HR for Health

Expert Coverage on Federal and State Law Updates

Our session will comprehensively cover updates on a federal level, along with major state level law amendments. With these insights, you will have a broad understanding of how the legislative landscape will change and make efficient business decisions.

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Live Q&A Session

We understand that every business is unique, and you might have specific queries related to your practice. That's why we have planned a live Q&A session where you can get your questions answered by our industry experts.

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Stay Ahead of the Game

Healthcare and dental practices carry a unique set of legal considerations. Being prepared for future law changes is not only critical; it provides you a strategic advantage.

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About Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M.

Our CEO, Ali Oromchian, JD, LL.M will be the distinguished speaker for this session. Oromchian is known for his expertise in legal matters related to healthcare, bringing an enormous wealth of knowledge to the discussion. With his years of practical, hands-on experience, he will provide valuable insights into the upcoming 2024 law changes.

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