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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the handbook included in our monthly fee?

Yes! A major benefit of being an HR for Health client is that we provide your practice with a customized employee handbook at no extra charge to you. You will work hand-in-hand with our HR Specialist team to create a compliant, personalized, and up to date employee handbook. We even offer free annual updates to ensure that your handbook stays current with the constant changes in employment law as well as the evolving needs of your practice.

What's the difference between HR for Health's time clock and the function that comes with our Practice Management Software?

The time clock function in your typical PMS (such as Eaglesoft, Dentrix, etc.) is added as more of an afterthought and only tracks wage and hour based on federal law. The HR for Health time clock is calibrated to the specifics of each state and tracks all the nuances of varying overtime, rest breaks, and meal break laws. HR for Health clients have the ability to track real time metrics for their employees such as tardiness. Our time clock is also based on your specific office location(s) and therefore is not accessible unless your employee is physically in your office to clock in and out.

How does HR for Health work with my payroll company?

HR for Health captures and calculates all relevant payroll related items in a single report for fast and easy processing by your payroll company. These items include daily overtime (if applicable), weekly overtime, paid time off, holiday pay, reimbursements and payouts, bonuses and more. With three clicks, your payroll report is generated all in one place and is ready to be submitted to whomever processes your pay checks. While some offices take a day or more to process payroll, HR for Health clients cut this time down to a matter of minutes as a result of having their time and attendance information in our automated system!

My payroll company has an add-on feature where they offer me HR services. Can't I just use that?

What makes HR for Health unique is that our software and services are backed by HR experts and employment attorneys who are solely focused on doctors. We understand the health care practice environment far better than a payroll processor offering a generic service that's the same for you and the local dry cleaner down the street. From the basics like using terminology appropriate to your unique specialty in your employee handbooks (such as addressing patient lists) and field-specific job descriptions, to personal consultation on difficult employee situations, HR for Health offers you unlimited access to experts that keep you legally compliant. On top of it all, HR for Health proves to be much more cost effective than these add-ons.

Can you help me hire new employees?

We know hiring employees can be overwhelming, so we provide you with all of the necessary tools to ensure that you are hiring the best employees, while also remaining legally compliant during the hiring process.

This support includes:

  • Guidance on what to ask in a phone interview
  • Lists of questions you should/should not ask in an interview
  • Guidance and documentation for working interviews
  • Employment applications (to ensure you are running background checks and checking references legally)
  • Offer letter templates
  • Guidance on how long to save resumes and applications as well as a cloud-based document vault for storage

Can you help me with employment contracts?

We do provide offer letter templates for regular and temporary employees to ensure that you have the necessary documentation upon hiring new employees. For more complex employment contracts, we have a legal partner that we can refer you to in order to ensure that your contracts are legally binding and follow all of the necessary regulations.

Can't I just assign someone in my office do all this "stuff"?

To do this on your own you would need several different tools, an employee dedicated to learning and administering the HR management process and advice as to federal and state compliance to achieve somewhat reasonable results. HR for Health was created because running a practice is difficult enough and it's nearly impossible to keep up with all of the employment law changes that occur, let alone abide by them!

Do I have to pay my employees for the time they take to read and sign all these documents?

Regardless of whether you use an HR management system or a manual process you will need to pay for the time it takes employees to sign their documents - it is considered time worked. However, with HR for Health's self-service workflows completing this process should only take roughly 30 minutes. Also consider that the cost of paying an employee to complete these legally required documents is much lower than the cost of a lost employment claim simply for not having the correct documents on file.

Who can I talk to about my HR-specific issues?

Our HR Specialist team is here to ensure that all of your HR-related questions are answered! Our team offers unlimited HR advising for issues and questions that inevitably come up in your office.

Keeping up with the laws is exhausting, which is why our team does it for you.

We assist with the following topics (and more!):

  • Handbook Policies (i.e. What should be included in my practice handbook? What benefits should I offer my employees?)
  • Hiring Process (i.e. What questions are illegal to ask in an interview? How do I prevent a discrimination claim?)
  • Timekeeping Requirements (i.e. What are the overtime regulations in my state? Do I need to pay my employees for time spent at seminars?)
  • Meal & Rest Breaks (i.e. Can my employees work through their meal and rest breaks?)
  • Leaves of Absence (i.e. How long do I need to allow my pregnant employee to be on leave? Do I need to pay her for this time?)
  • Termination/Discipline (i.e. I have a problem employee that I want to terminate, what steps do I need to take to lower my risk?)

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