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HR for Health's Employee Scheduler

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Your Success, Our Commitment

Navigating Changes with Ease and Transparency

Your trust is our cherished reward, and we always strive to live up to it. As we approach the end of our free trial period on March 20, 2024, we want to ensure you're well-informed and supported through this transition.

Keep Growing with Us

Have you found the Employee Scheduler invaluable? Continue to enjoy its benefits seamlessly after the trial ends for a monthly subscription. You needn't lift a finger - we've got it all handled.

Hassle-free Opt-Out

If the Employee Scheduler doesn't quite fit your needs, worry not. You can opt out with ease before March 20 to avoid any charges.


Simply fill out the form to let us know you will no longer need the employee scheduling services.

Why the additional cost? 

Let's Clear Things Up

The Employee Scheduler is a result of extensive research, advanced technology, and our continuous efforts to deliver the best to you. Its pricing reflects the value it brings to your team's workflow, improving efficiency and saving time.

What makes
HR for Health's Employee Scheduler different?

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No Hidden Fees, No Long-Term Commitment

Expert HR Assistance

We respect your choices, now and forever. If you opt for continuing with the Employee Scheduler and change your mind later, cancellation is as easy as signing up, with no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

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