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2023 Employee Handbook Mid-Year Updates

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HR Law Updates Don't Need To Be Boring

Reading through the new HR laws can feel like you're back in college reading boring textbooks again. Consider this resource your summary of what you need to know on a federal and state level. 

Note: Always consult with a legal and human resources professional when adhering to laws and implementing policies. It's important to ensure you're making changes that fit your healthcare practice's needs.


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Why On Earth Do I Need an Employee Handbook?

Alright, let's cut to the chase. You might be thinking, "Employee handbooks—those boring documents that no one really reads?" Well, dear friend, we're here to tell you that they're way more than a paperweight on your new hires' desks.

Setting Expectations

No one likes to play the guessing game, especially not in the workplace. An employee handbook lays out what you—the thrilling and fearless leader—expect from your team. Not just who makes the coffee (obviously, the last one who finished the pot), but all those rules and regulations that keep your ship sailing smoothly.


Ever been to a circus? Organizations without employee handbooks resemble one. Different healthcare offices have different rules and it can feel like juggling flaming torches while blindfolded. Handbooks ensure your management team is all singing from the same song sheet. And none of them is the scary clown.

Legal Protection

Imagine going to a rock concert without a pass—you're bound to get into some kind of legal tangle, right? Same analogy applies here. Your employee handbook is your backstage pass, keeping you out of trouble by clearly stating your company's policies on important (read: legally binding) stuff like harassment, discrimination, and leave policies.


A good employee handbook is like a paper plane. A bad one is like a brick. It helps new hires acclimate, learn the company culture, and understand what's expected without having to ask "um, what does this mean?" twelve times a day.


Last but definitely not least, your handbook is a handy-dandy (see what we did there?) way to communicate your organization’s culture, mission, and values. It’s like a pizza—without the cheese and toppings, it’s just bland dough. A handbook with culture? Now that's a savory slice of pie.

Remember, an employee handbook is more than just "nice to have." It's a critical tool that communicates expectations, enforces consistency, protects legally, functions as a parachute for new hire, and serves as platform to broadcast your awesome company culture. Who knew paper could work that hard, eh?

So go on, get writing. And if the thought of creating an eye-catching, legally sound, and unexpectedly interesting employee handbook gives you the jitters, don't sweat it. You've got HR for Health in your corner, ready to help you make this handbook a page-turner.

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