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9 Common HR Mistakes & How to Easily Fix Them


What's In This Whitepaper?

You might be surprised to find out that you're committing one or all (!) of the 9 most common HR mistakes in your practice. While these mistakes can be costly to your practice, it's not too late to fix them!

This whitepaper is a compilation of common HR mistakes that we've seen practice owners make. We'll walk you through each of the 9 common mistakes and break down how these scenarios could result in hefty employment claims and how to rectify them.

  • Why your dental associate shouldn't be an independent contractor.
  • The #1 reason why an employee might sue you.
  • Why overtime is responsible for 42% of wage and hour court cases.
  • The question everyone asks in an interview that you cannot ask.
  • Much more.
9 Common HR Mistakes WP

Avoid the Pitfalls: Conquer 9 Common HR Mistakes in Healthcare

"Financial resources may be the lifeblood of a company, but human resources are the brains." — Rob Silzer

We all stumble on the occasional bump in the road, right? Even the best of us. Yup, that includes you dear dentist, doctor, veterinarian, or optometrist! Sure, you're superb at your profession, but let's admit it... HR? It's as tricky as a chameleon in a bag of skittles!

And you know what? That's perfectly okay.

The peculiarities of HR may be perplexing and may feel like stumbling through a maze blindfolded. One wrong turn, and whoops! You may be in for costly legal pitfalls. It's tough, but that's why we're here to light the way. So, you can confidently say, "I'll never worry about HR again."

In order to keep your practice running smoothly and securely, you need to put some attention on setting up rock-solid HR policies and guidelines. But where do you start? Great question!

Assess risk. Take action. Practice preventative HR care - Instagram

We have another brand-new resource! "8 Common HR Mistakes and How to Respond to Them"

If you’re in the dental industry, you know how critical preventative care is for the health of your patients.

It is easier to prevent tooth decay than to treat it after it's spread. So why aren't you treating your HR and employment systems similarly? It is far more expensive and stressful to deal with violations, lawsuits negotiations, and settlements than to prevent them in the first place.

While preventative HR care is always the most accessible and safest method, we also know HR mistakes can and do happen. How you respond to employment law mistakes can make all the difference in those situations. This guide will help you navigate those uncertain times more clearly and confidently.  

HR pitfalls: Avoiding the common missteps

Even if you've been cruising along with what feels like a well-functioning HR, don't be misled. There could be room for unintentional errors. Let's clear the cobwebs out and familiarize ourselves with the 'not-so-obvious' mistakes healthcare experts often stumble upon.

We're outlining the top nine "Uh-oh's!" of HR that even the best healthcare professionals end up making, whether it's tangled confusion around protected leaves, discrimination allegations or poor data management.

Even better, we're serving you easy, friendly fixes. Because you have enough difficult puzzles to solve, and HR shouldn't be one. Let's turn these "Uh-oh's!" into "Ah-ha's!" together, ensuring your HR practices are as flawless as your healthcare services.

So get ready to step away from the complexity, the time-consuming confusion and the costly risks. Let's empower your practice with the knowledge to make HR smooth sailing. Remember, we're in this together, friends. Let's start solving your HR puzzles!

Your goal? Never worry about HR again. Our pledge? Be right there with you, every step of the way. Let's dive in, shall we?

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