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2024 Handbook Update Checklist

Everything You Need for 2024 Employment Law Changes

Over 30 new federal and state-level employment laws have come into effect, impacting everything from minimum wage and paid leave to discrimination and workplace safety.

Download this guide to ensure your employee handbook is up to date and reflects the necessary changes to keep you compliant in 2024.

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2024 Handbook Update Checklist

What's Inside:

  • In-depth analysis of key federal and state-level changes:

    • Learn about updates to the PWFA, e-filing regulations, OSHA requirements, and more.

    • Discover state-specific changes impacting California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, and others.

  • Actionable checklists:

    • Get a clear roadmap to compliance with our must-do and should-do tasks.

    • Update your employee handbook, review workplace rules, and adjust compensation as needed.

  • Resources and tools:

    • Access free templates, posters, and downloadable guides to simplify compliance.

    • Explore our powerful HR software solution designed specifically for healthcare practices.

Stop stressing and get compliant in 2024. Download our FREE Handbook Update Checklist and get the tools and knowledge you need to succeed!

2024 Federal Employment Laws

These laws apply to everyone across the nation, irrespective of the state or industry. The guide provides a detailed breakdown of each new law:

  • The Stericycle Ruling

  • The updated, more user-friendly Form I-9

  • The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA)

  • New e-Filing regulations

  • Revised OSHA Requirements

  • Federal Contractor Minimum Wage

2024 State-Level Laws

Certain states may have additional regulations that supersede federal norms. The guide pulls together all the vital state-specific employment law changes for 2024. If your state isn't covered, that simply means no new changes beyond federal updates.

sticky note Over 30 new employment laws affect healthcare practices in 2024.

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