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Essential Guide: What is an HR Help Desk?

UPDATED 04/06/2023

A human resources (HR) help desk is a centralized repository of knowledge about and for your practice. 

It’s the one electronic spot where your employees can find your employee handbook, FAQ, onboarding documentation, and all the other important information and documentation that you want your employees to have easy access to. It’s your way to easily manage and respond to HR requests while maintaining clear lines of communication with your team.  

With self-service portal functionality, an HR help desk offers essential insight into your practice, so your employees can answer the questions themselves. The questions that arise can prompt you to create standardized processes and procedures to address repetitive issues and problems. It doesn’t have to be scary.  

What is an HR Help Desk? 

An HR help desk is an essential resource for your Human Resources team. It expedites and improves communication and clarity across your practice while ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding benefits, disability leave, payroll, medical leave, or any other policies and procedures 

Your HR help desk can streamline your processes while reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks. It’s the one-stop shop for all things HR related for a dental, optometry, or medical practice, and that’s why it’s worth its weight in gold.  

Why Do Practices Need an HR Help Desk? 

The HR help desk is designed to save you time and money while proactively communicating essential HR topics to your employees. Instead of hiring an employee to create and manage policies and procedures offline in a non-dynamic space, you can quickly and effectively create and distribute your HR documents to all employees.  

HR: Organize Tasks and Improve Workflow 

When you work with HR, you can better manage their internal client (employee) workflow. The HR Help Desk facilitates more regular communication with your employees. So, they can escalate those tasks that are most critical for your employees. Schedule a consultation today to see how HR for Health can help your practice organize your tasks and improve your workflow. 

Employees: Resolve Inquiries with Speed and Efficiency 

An automated HR help desk allows your employees 24-hour access to key HR documents and details. For example, your employees can access their personal vacation balances or HR policy documents they’ve signed.  

At HR for Health, our software is a repository for the essential HR documentation your employees might need. With our software, you can set up and track employee benefits including vacation/sick leave and PTO. Your employees have access to their balance at any time via the software, minimizing the question of, “How much vacation time do I have?”.  

Schedule a consultation today to see how HR for Health can support your need to better understand and track employee benefits

Use Cases for HR Help Desks 

At HR for Health, our software allows your employees to be self-sufficient. They can access the answers to most basic questions they may have, whether they’re wondering about benefits balances, paystub info, employee handbook, policies, or most other HR documentation for your practice.  

While we offer all the essential HR documents, you should still develop a plan for how you will address complaints that employees might have in the future. Once you’ve captured the question or complaint and effectively responded, you can post the documentation in our system for future access and review by your employees.

Here are just a few of the types of documents that you can store in your secure document repository at HR for Health:


On an ongoing basis, you can use Survey Monkey or our own survey template to conduct employee surveys. Your goal is to gauge the satisfaction levels of employees. Based on those findings, you can also dig deeper and determine ways to better address their needs and concerns. You can save your surveys in HR for Health’s secure document repository.  

Check Benefits 

If you have a fresh-out-of-college employee, who is now expecting a child, that person might want to access details about benefits with some privacy. Your employees may need to check in with you for a private conversation on a semi-regular basis to gauge how your practice’s benefits have changed and what the current stipulations might be. To better address, the need of your employees,  check in on their benefits now and in the future, and ensure that your employee handbook is easily accessible. In many cases, they will be able to find the answer on their own.  

Resource Documents for Onboarding Employees 

Bringing on new employees to your practice can be a challenge, particularly if they are working remotely in different time zones. Having all your new hire paperwork set up in your HR help desk helps you to quickly and easily give them access to the documents. Then, make sure they’ve acknowledged receipt of all onboarding documents. HR for Health notifies you of how many outstanding docs remain to be signed for each employee, so following up is easy. Our HR software can also help you with onboarding employees, including documentation that’s customized for each state.  

An HR Help Desk Helps Your Practice and Your Customers 

An HR help desk helps to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative HR tasks. When you speed up the speed and efficacy of your workflow, operations will just run more smoothly, productivity will rise and your patients will ultimately benefit as well. 

Disruptions in your business (administrative) process tends to make their way into the quality of patient care/interactions. 

At HR for Health, our software helps clients by streamlining processes such as:

• Documenting write-ups/disciplinary action

• Performance reviews and peer reviews

• Onboarding and offboarding

• Timekeeping

• OT management

• And more

How HR for Health Can Help 

HR for Health works with you to help you and your employees use our convenient online documents and on-demand HR advising and support services. We can help you onboard employees in an automated fashion, with minimal disruption to you while you focus your efforts on running the practice. With our software, you can easily set up and track your employee’s benefits including their vacation/sick leave and PTO. 

With our experience and background, we ensure you’re compliant and prepared to handle any HR-related issues you might face. It’s important for your practice, but it benefits you and your employees too. Schedule a consultation today to see how HR for Health can help your practice. 

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