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Don’t Have Tardiness Tracking? Here’s What You’re Missing

Are you overwhelmed with keeping track of employee ins and outs every single day? This is especially frustrating if you have to dock their pay manually. An employee tardiness tracker can help you manage employees at your practice even better by allowing you to follow their attendance and productivity levels more closely. 

Read on to find out what a tardiness tracking system is and how it can change the way your practice operates. Find out how a comprehensive HR  software, like HR for Health, can make employee management a breeze so you can continue to focus your efforts on your practice and your patients.

Tardiness Tracking: What Is It?

Don’t Have Tardiness Tracking? Here’s What You’re Missing

An employee tardiness tracker template is a system that automatically keeps track of employee attendance and productivity. It can help identify employees who arrive late or who are not completing their daily recommended tasks as quickly as others. A tardy tracking system can help you keep track of lateness and follow up with proper disciplinary action. A tardy tracking system can help you manage your vet, dental, optometry, or medical clinic optimally by allowing you to get this information quickly and easily.


Communicating About Your Tardy Tracking System

Most employees are not keen on an employee tardiness tracker template. They may not be thrilled to hear this news, but it is essential to share this information before implementing the tardy tracking system. Be sure to speak with your employees and hand out the documentation explaining the purpose of the tardy tracking system and how it works. Your team members should be aware they will be watched more closely before implementing the system. 

Make sure they know whether or not there is a grace period and how long that is. You should also be sure to offer your employees adequate training to learn how the tardy tracking system works and what they can expect from it. This is also an excellent opportunity to sit down with your employees individually and discuss expectations and goals on a professional level. Discussing goals can help keep employees engaged. Learn how to motivate employees to perform even better. This will make the tardy system clearer to them, and it can prevent difficult situations once the system is in full force.

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Keeping It In Place

Once you have implemented an employee tardiness tracker template, you have to commit to reviewing tardiness on a regular basis, following up if any

Don’t Have Tardiness Tracking? Here’s What You’re Missing

 negative trends emerge to ensure all team members continue to comply. The employee tardiness tracker template also allows behavioral notices, disciplinary action, and notes. Be sure to follow along each day and update this information regularly. This will help you spot which employees are achieving their goals and which ones are not working to standard. 


Why Use an Employee Tardiness Tracker Template

Using tardy software is a great way to keep yourself in the loop with your team members and keep them performing optimally. By understanding their productivity levels, you can help them set more realistic goals. As long as you have established clear communication about the system and your team members are prepared for its implementation, the tardiness tracker can be beneficial to the overall productivity and environment of your practice. 

Should you have to let an employee go, you will be able to offer them some extra insight into your decision by discussing the tardy tracker, which contains date/time stamped data, with them. This is an essential part of the off-boarding process.

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How HR for Health Can Help

HR for Health software can help you set up an employee tardiness tracker template that works for your practice. Our system can allow you to set up various thresholds for different employees. There is also a Violations feature to help you create disciplinary documents to rectify problematic situations. This software can also safeguard your practice from wrongful termination if you let an underperforming employee go. The software will show all of the instances of underperformance it has tracked along with all disciplinary documents sent.

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