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What Office Managers Need to Know About HR Software

As an office manager, you take on various responsibilities at your dental, optometry, chiropractic, or veterinary practice, including onboarding, training, payroll, and other administrative tasks. Office managers carry the weight of the entire workflow of the office. This is why it is so important that you let nothing fall through the cracks. That’s where an effective HR software solution comes in.

HR for Health offers the tools, support, and seamless integration that you, as an office manager, need for your practice. Beyond the basics, our HR for Health software solution saves you time and money while optimizing resources, improving performance, and ensuring compliance for your practice. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how HR for Health can support your needs in office management while taking your practice to the next level. 

What Is Office Management?

Office management is just what it sounds like - a series of tasks and responsibilities for your dental, optometry, chiropractic, or veterinary practice. Like office managers in most practices, you probably run the show, handling everything from arranging travel, training your team, managing the budget, managing employee schedules, employee performance, and everything in between. As your doctor’s right-hand person, you face the challenges to ensure the entire operation runs smoothly. 

Beyond your daily duties, you often engage in key HR tasks and responsibilities, including interviewing, onboarding, scheduling, handling benefits, and even fielding complaints and concerns. At HR for Health, our HR software makes it easy to manage the everyday flow of your practice. Schedule a call with our team of HR experts to learn more about the digital tools that will streamline your HR. 

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What Office Managers Need to Know About HR

Office managers fulfill such a critical role within a practice, and are often forced to push HR functions, which are not their core job duties, up to the top of their list of critical tasks. Juggling all the responsibilities becomes even more challenging, as HR rules and regulations constantly change. As an office manager, you must ensure your practice is compliant with the latest law updates. 

Beyond the requirements of simple HR compliance, you must identify how new laws and regulations affect your dental, optometry, chiropractic, or veterinary practice. Based on that understanding, you must update your employee handbook, distribute the update to your employees, and ensure that your employees comply. These are quite a few critical responsibilities for a “non-HR” person to take on.

At HR for Health, our HR software makes it easy for you to complete the day-to-day HR tasks efficiently, while helping ensure that your employee handbooks are up-to-date, acknowledged, and compliant. Furthermore, our software will reduce the time you and the rest of your team has to spend on administrative tasks. Ultimately, this will allow you to work on items that are more important to the survival, operations, and growth of your practice.

Schedule a call with our team of HR experts to find out how we can help. 

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Combined Office Managers and Human Resources Ensure Proper Communication

Communication is key to your dental, optometry, chiropractic, or veterinary practice. As an office manager, you are the key voice, advocate, and cheerleader who ensures effective communication in your practice, particularly for HR policies and procedures. When you communicate effectively, you will improve your team’s productivity and reduce errors, which leads to less stress, anxiety, and frustration for your team. 

You should also use your handbook as a tool to communicate policies. When updated on a regular basis, your handbook can be a repository of your expectations and policies. You should also ensure that you keep a written record of when your handbook is updated and that your employees acknowledge when they receive the updated handbook. 

HR Policies for Office Managers to Know

Here are a few examples of HR policies and procedures that practices must follow, which should give you a sense of what you, as an office manager, should be prepared to handle: 

At HR for Health, our HR software makes it easy to understand and articulate the key HR policies and procedures in your employee handbook. Schedule a call with our team of experts to get the support you need with HR policies. 

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How HR for Health Can Help

With our HR for Health software, you don't need to be an HR expert. You can easily handle all HR to-dos with our software, with timekeeping functionality that is accurate and compliant down to the second. Our software also supports performance reviews, with standard templates available and customization options so you can create your own. 

With our HR software, you can track performance and violations, as well as save notes for future review. Our HR processes and procedures are quick, easy, and streamlined with cloud-based onboarding and offboarding, certifications and CE unit trackers, benefits trackers, and a complete digital employee handbook with job descriptions and rate-of-pay tracking. Schedule a call to learn more about how we can help.

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