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HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Performance Management

If you've been managing your practice for more than a hot second, you know that employee management is a vital tool for any practice. Done well, it can help your employees meet expectations and treat your patients with the respect and care they deserve. It can also be a valuable aid in documenting potential issues that may arise in your practice. This can create challenges for any team, but it doesn't change the basic fact that you need to do employee management right. After all, you owe it to both your patients and your team members.

Finding the right employee performance management software can be challenging. At HR for Health, we've developed a robust employee performance management software module that can help you meet these goals. Our system is highly customizable, allowing you to meet your needs while managing your practice. It's also easy to use, meaning you can spend more time working with your patients, not managing a database. 


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Our Performance Management Solution and Features

Effective employee performance management software must include a range of valuable features that strengthen its ability to help your practice. HR for Health offers the following:

  • It specifically tracks employee performance over various competencies of your choosing, which allows you to evaluate performance improvements. This can include patients seen, patient feedback, skills displayed with multiple patients, and more. 
  • Robust analytics can demonstrate trends, including employee performance progress or failure to meet expectations. This takes the guesswork from monitoring employee improvement and makes your life easier.
  • It standardizes the process of employee performance management, thus helping you better manage your employees while also avoiding disparate treatment or inconsistency.
  • The software creates electronic acknowledgmHR for Health Feature Spotlight: Performance Managementent forms, allowing you to document performance management meetings to satisfy any questions about the tools utilized and verify appropriate management of your employees. A cloud-based document vault provides easy storage.

Performance Reviews Are a Breeze

Performance reviews are vitally important to any practice, whether you have a primary care, dental, veterinary, or some other type of office. You can use them to help your employees grow and ensure that you're communicating pertinent issues with them. Thanks to HR for Health's employee performance management software, you have many options to create a system that best fits your needs. 

When it comes to the documents you use to conduct employee management, you can create your templates or use ours. You can also use templates on file for probationary, annual, or interim performance management. You can then select evaluation frequency, including 30-, 60-, and 90-day intervals. Electronic reminders can be sent to you and your employees to remind you of these evaluations. Finally, employees can conduct self-evaluation, enabling them to make their judgments about practice expectations and whether they're meeting them.

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Managing Violations

No one likes it, but practice management means dealing with employee violations. This may occur due to inappropriate interactions with patients, failure to show up on time, or more severe errors, including the quality of care provided. 

These violations can create a massive problem for your practice when they occur. Like it or not, managing employee performance means documenting these violations and remedying them. Fortunately, HR for Health's employee performance management software helps manage these violations in ways that can ensure you're working proactively with your employee to reduce or eliminate infractions and protect your practice.


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Our software allows you to document performance conversations. No more random notes around the office! You can create formal document trails using this documentation tool. You can document when you had a conversation with an employee, what you spoke about, and the future plan. You can also use our category system to record details, such as whether the conversation was informal or formal.

Our system is built around options and customizability and can be altered based on the specific nature of your practice. You can follow our template and work with our in-house experts to ensure you're following a legally-vetted process, or you can create your strategy in consultation with our staff. This helps you know what you need to say and maintain documentation. This can help protect against discrimination claims since violations demonstrate apparent performance issues and can be vital in the event of a termination

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Inputting Notes

Finally, HR for Health's employee performance management software lets you input notes and other documentation. This means you can store communications, files, notes, and more for easy documentation. These notes are private and available only to those you give access to — not your employee. Think of this as a more organized version of electronic post-it notes, but more advanced since the notes can be organized, filtered, and searched. You can find what you want when you want it. 

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HR for Health's employee performance management software can make your employee performance reviews more impactful and effective. It contains a variety of tools specifically designed for these purposes, including tracking performance over a slew of metrics, creating customized solutions, managing issues, and tracking communications.

Contact us today to schedule a fifteen minute consultation, and learn more about how HR for Health can help you better manage your practice.