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HR for Health Feature Spotlight: New Customer Onboarding Tracking

In this technology-driven era, medical professionals are tapping into the benefits of using software applications to manage human resources throughout an employee’s term. Making the switch from handling manual paperwork to managing digital files opens the doors to leveraging the power of automation. At the same time, changing or implementing a new HR software or payroll system can be overwhelming and daunting for even the most well-organized and tech-savvy healthcare practices. That’s where HR for Health comes in to help make the transformation as simple and stress-free as possible.

The process of signing up and setting up our all-in-one HR solution is fairly straightforward. Still, we've introduced an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to get you started right away. This guide appears in your HR for Health platform as an onboarding wizard. It includes a new feature, a client onboarding tracker, that allows you to see where you are in the onboarding process. Onboarding tracking ensures all your bases are covered as you start using HR for Health's systems, which are designed to streamline and organize HR and payroll processes for your dental, optometry, veterinary, or other medical practice. In turn, acquiring new technology goes smoothly rather than seeming like an impossible ordeal.

Our New Onboarding Widget: Onboarding Tracking That Makes Things Easy for New Customers

The HR for Health software onboarding widget assists you or your office manager throughout the process, from signing up to using the platform. The onboarding tracking feature provides the steps needed to get the most out of the HR and payroll system. 

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Why Our Onboarding Tracking Feature Rocks

The HR for Health onboarding tracking feature within the onboarding widget is the ultimate tool. This new feature ensures new clients — like you — get the most of the HR for Health platform. Here are the reasons clients appreciate what it has to offer:

  • When you begin, you'll see the onboarding widget and onboarding tracker. This lists all the necessary steps for adopting the program. This way, you know exactly what lies ahead regarding the onboarding process and how much work will go into setting up your new system.
  • When you click each task within the onboarding tracker, it’ll take you directly to the page where you have an action you need to complete. For example, if you select the “Getting Started” item labeled “Complete General Information for Auto Populated New Hire Documents,” you’ll be redirected to the “General Information” feature, where you can input the required information. This makes it easy to navigate without having to search through the platform.

HR for Health Feature Spotlight: New Client Onboarding Tracking

As soon as a task is finished, it's automatically marked as complete in the onboarding tracker, so extra work isn't required to determine which steps are finished and which are incomplete. Automatic management of your onboarding tasks means you can take off your general to-do list.

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Benefits of Using an Onboarding Tracking Feature

An onboarding tracking feature makes the processes of signup and setup as easy as possible for clients. You can enjoy the following benefits, too:

  • Save Time. Spend less time fiddling with software you don't understand. The onboarding tracker walks you through each step, giving you more time to devote to helping employees with payroll or HR issues — your expertise.
  • Never Miss a Feature. You're more likely to use every feature available in the new HR for Health platform, which is there to help you improve your practice day by day. The onboarding tracker won’t allow you to miss any feature you might otherwise not realize was in the platform.HR for Health Feature Spotlight: New Client Onboarding Tracking
  • Get the Most Out of the System. Get your money's worth by making sure you've set up every feature and use the platform to its maximum capacity. These features help make your work easier and protect your practice from potential claims and lawsuits. 

Finish your onboarding widget by getting your customized employee handbook started! HR for Health includes customizable, industry-specific handbooks in our services. Book a call to learn more about how to use them.

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