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HR for Health Feature Spotlight: Simplified Holiday & Time Off Tracking

If you already manage a medical practice of any kind, you don't need any HR expert to tell you this fundamental truth: You. Are. Busy.

You are trying to manage patient needs, retain high-impact employees, ensure compliance with government regulations, and more. So much more.

What does this mean? You need to automate as many functions of your HR as possible. Fortunately, HR for Health is here to help. At HR for health, we offer an exclusive paid time off (PTO) tracker within our software. This time off automation allows you to track sick leave, vacation leave, jury duty, and much more. This, in turn,  will make your life much easier by automating typically highly labor-intensive functions, allowing you to shift your attention and time to more productive areas. 


Timekeeping Pane_NEW SoftwareTime off feature in HR for Health's software.

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How These Features Will Make a Difference in Your Practice

Some of the most critical components of any time off tracking software is that it is accurate, customizable, and as automated as possible. The process of tracking time off needs to be smooth and frictionless, and at HR for Health, we specialize in time off tracking that makes your life easier, not harder.

Let's start here: Our software's time off tracker is highly customizable. You can add a variety of types of time off, including sick leave, vacation time, maternity leave, jury duty, and religious leave. You and your practice are free to identify other types of time off as well.


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Our PTO tracking feature fits your needs — as part of the HR for Health suite for medical practices, you can use this system to easily integrate with your overall practice operations. You can also specifically configure the time off based on an employee's contract, where in your practice they work, or how long they have worked for your practice. This automates the process of confirming time off benefits and ensures that employees don't take more time off than they are entitled to. Does your unused vacation roll into the next year? We've got you covered. Does it disappear? We've got that too. Alter what happens to new days and time taken based on your contractual obligations.


Time off requestTime off request in HR for Health.


Next, we can help ensure that the tracker seamlessly integrates with compliance. We ensure that you offer all the required time and never worry about staying compliant again. What about if laws or regulations change? We keep an eye on changes in your local, state, and federal rules to make sure your practice is operating within the confines of the law. We'll also ensure that you update your handbook to keep it up to date with your time off tracking.


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Finally, our time off tracker makes tracking benefits and accessing previous time off a breeze, allowing you to access it with just a few clicks. You can also quickly approve or reject requests, seamlessly communicate with employees about their time-off requests, and easily modify any requests. You can use the PTO tracker to document paid leave, unpaid leave, and unexcused absences. All this information can be vital for annual reviews or if you need to make decisions about promotions or terminations. 

Why Dentists, Optometrists, and Veterinarians Rave About HR for Health's Holiday & Time Off Tracking Features

Our tracker makes managing your practice much more straightforward and can ensure that you are well-equipped to handle any employee requests without losing time away from patients or other vital aspects of practice management. 

The biggest compliment we receive is our platform's sheer degree of functionality. For example, let's say you manage a veterinary office and have a technician who didn't use any of their time off. You can automate what happens to this time off, including having it disappear entirely, rolling it into the following year, or rolling a portion of it to the following year. No more manual calculations: The entire process is now automated.


EmployeeTimeSheetView_TimekeepingView employee hours and time off in HR for Health's software


At HR for Health, we also want to make sure that we protect a practice manager's busy time. For example, let's say you offer paid holidays or paid PTO, and you want to set up PTO that doesn't count against a team member's request. No problem: Set it up in the system, and the days are given. Our system seamlessly integrates with payroll to ensure employees are paid for time off. Employees can quickly check their records to determine when they get time off, saving you the hassle of having to answer questions and removing any possibility of employee confusion.


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How HR for Health Can Help

Our automated time off tracker can help you save time, ensure compliance with existing regulations, accurately track employee benefits, and put your limited staff time towards managing and improving more productive pursuits. Looking to get started and learn more about all the benefits that HR for Health can offer your practice? Contact us today to set up a no-obligation, 15-minute demo. Let us help your practice thrive.

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