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HR for Health Feature Spotlight: CE Units/Certifications

If you run a medical office, you are BUSY. This means you may not have time to manage your practice's more mundane aspects, including payroll, timekeeping, and employee handbook creation. You may also miss out on critical reminders like ensuring your team members get the necessary certifications, like those received in Continuing Education (CE).

Fortunately, at HR for Health, we're here to help you track the information you need. 

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HR Feature Spotlight: CE Units/Certifications

Benefits of using HR for Health to Track Continuing Education

Every dental, optometry, veterinary, and related healthcare profession has continuing education requirements. At HR for Health, we offer a continuing education units tracker (CE Units tracker). The CE Units tracker is for employees that are continuing their education through relevant coursework. You can track and maintain the course name, date, and type.

HR Feature Spotlight: CE Units/Certifications

Our software can keep an up-to-date list of all available courses and CE units. This makes it easy for your employees to see what classes are available to them. They can use this feature to determine what they need to take and how many CE units they may need to maintain their license.

The HR for Health software feature makes it easy for you to gauge how your employees are doing. You can see which employees need to take classes to maintain their licenses and who may be at risk of falling behind on their CE requirements. It also allows you to determine how much time is needed to earn the credits. This minimizes disruptions to your practice and the lives of your team members. 

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Protect your Practice from Expired Certificates

There is a real need for medical and related industries to track professional certifications. Like continuing education, your employees need specific certifications to complete certain procedures, such as those performed by hygienists. This also works with additional regulatory training, like sexual harassment or other internal training.

Our professional certification feature allows for the tracking of certifications, including the certification name, the date that the certificate was issued, and when the certification will expire and need to be renewed. Practicing on an expired accreditation can lead to severe problems for your employee and, thus, your practice. 

HR Feature Spotlight: CE Units/Certifications

Our software will trigger a notification one month before the expiration date. It will also notify you again on the day that the certification expires. This protects your practice by alerting you of when you may be in danger of allowing an employee to practice on an expired certificate. 

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