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How To HR In A Growing Practice

If you have a growing dentistry, optometry, veterinary, or medical practice, then creating an HR strategy that is built to withstand the changes of your practice is a must. In addition, it’s essential for a practice to be up-to-date with laws and HR best practices to ensure that their practice is well-protected against complaints or litigation. Read on to learn some key strategies that can be utilized to help develop a strong HR strategy for your growing practice.

Recruit Top Candidates 

One key element that will prove beneficial when developing a strong HR strategy for your practice is recruiting top candidates. Bringing in qualified employees is well within the scope of human resources best practices. Hiring just anyone won’t bring the result you want. You must find the right employees who have the ability to become team members that you can count on. However, you must always go through a fair selection process when recruiting the top candidates that you desire. 

Following a structured and fair selection process when hiring desired employees is a must. It’s important that you have a consistent process for each position that you recruit for. If you change the questions based on the candidate or follow different steps for the interview process, this can leave you vulnerable to claims of unfair or discriminatory practices. To avoid such claims, you should create a pre-employment assessment that all potential employees must go through before they can be hired. In addition, you can utilize our HR hiring toolkit in the HR resources portal to ensure that you are always staying compliant in your hiring practices. 

How To HR In A Growing Practice

Common elements of a pre-employment assessment include structured and unstructured interviews, consistent interview questions, IQ tests, personality assessments, work tests, peer assessments, and reference checks. These types of assessments generally help to uncover a potential employee’s ability to do the job, their trainability, and level of commitment to the practice. 


If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to developing a pre-employment assessment, HR for Health clients have access to interviewing resources. To learn more, schedule a consultation today!

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Create a Culture That Team Members Are Proud to Be Part Of 

Another essential part of developing a strong HR strategy in a growing practice is to create a culture that potential employees want to join and that current employees are proud to be a part of. To create a positive work culture, it’s essential that you recognize and celebrate all team members for their work. Of course, it’s also important to outline clear expectations for your employees, defining what their roles are and how they are expected to collaborate with one another to reach a collective purpose. 

One way to create and convey practice culture is via the employee handbook. The handbook is the place where you have the ability to add the policies and statements that highlight your practice’s mission, goals, and culture. In addition, once you have these policies and statements written out for employees to read through, it’s also essential that they are regularly communicated verbally to ensure that they are being practiced daily. To learn more, schedule a consultation today!

Plan Ahead for Growth

A good HR strategy also plans ahead for future growth and expansion. Essentially, as your practice grows and evolves, so should your HR strategy. Keep in mind that if you already have a strong HR strategy in place, you won’t necessarily need to significantly change your HR strategy as your practice grows. However, your HR strategy will need to evolve in a way that successfully encompasses the needs of more employees as your practice grows. Planning for future HR needs may seem like a challenge, but by outsourcing your HR needs through a company like HR for Health, all of your HR struggles can be made easy. 

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Monitor HR Strategy and Refine as Needed 

Finally, to maintain human resources best practices, you will need to continually monitor your HR strategy and refine it as needed. It’s always a good idea to routinely assess if your HR strategy is yielding the results you seek for your employees and your practice. If you’re not yielding the result you desire 

How To HR In A Growing Practice

with your current HR strategy, it’s time to revisit your existing strategy, and it may even be time to start

outsourcing your HR needs with a company like HR for Health. Our live HR specialists can help with any and all HR questions.



Take Control of Your HR Strategy 

It’s time to take control of your HR strategy and develop an even stronger one that follows all human resources best practices. As outlined above, it’s important to follow certain steps. Your first step should revolve around recruiting top candidates to work at your practice. By recruiting desirable candidates, you will be able to create a more desirable work environment which is another essential step to creating a great HR strategy.

In addition, you should always be planning and monitoring your existing HR strategy to ensure that you are meeting your intended goals. By establishing your handbook and policies early on in your practice, your employees will better understand what is expected of them, which will help foster the work environment that you desire. Overall, a well put together HR strategy will help in all your operational processes.  

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How HR for Health Can Help

Are you still wondering how to put together a well-designed HR strategy that is up-to-date with laws and HR best practices? If so, HR for Health is ready to help! Contact us today to set up a 15-minute demo and learn more about how HR for Health can help your practice succeed and thrive. 

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