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Eaglesoft vs HR for Health: Timekeeping Breakdown

Every dental practice has a slew of timekeeping options to ensure that employees clock in and clock out accurately. This information is vital for tracking the salary of your employees and paying overtime, and a failure to track this information accurately could lead to legal trouble with federal and state authorities.

HR for Health Timekeeping

HR for Health’s timekeeping feature comes with various functions that are simply top of the line and are part of a robust suite of functions. First, and most important: Our electronic timekeeping is accurate down to the second. This information is automatically stored and integrated with your employee's file, ensuring that you have a complete record of all hours worked. Our timekeeping feature also ensures that any overtime can be accurately reflected in an employee's paycheck, based on your state’s overtime regulations.

Of course, that's not all. We can also track multiple pay rates for things like travel time and training time. HR for Health timekeeping software also can report common transactions, such as bonus payments, paid time off (PTO), vacation leave, and more. You can get up-to-date information on our timesheet report. This report is extremely user-friendly and allows our clients to easily get information ready for payroll. You can also monitor when employees are late or when they clock in too early, thus incurring overtime. 

When edits are required, supervisors receive notifications to approve or deny edits, which includes a full audit of when the edits were made, on which IP address, and the reason for the edit. This saves time and increases your team's efficiency.

To help you get a better idea of the comparison between Eaglesoft vs. HR for Health, read more about HR for Health's entire suite of functions.

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Eaglesoft Timekeeping

Eaglesoft Timekeeping is a timekeeping program, but also has other functions that are more patient-centered. This includes patient scheduling, managing insurance claims, working with digital images, and more. 


Eaglesoft vs HR for Health: Timekeeping Breakdown

There is no doubt that Eaglesoft has various useful functions for dental patients. However, if you are using it as a timekeeping software, there are challenges. Clients of ours who came over from Eaglesoft noted a variety of difficulties with the Eaglesoft timekeeping software. Chief among them is that there is already a log-in function for Eaglesoft, and the timekeeping feature is duplicative. It doesn't keep exact time either. Instead, it rounds to the nearest increment, creating real compliance problems for you and your business. Finally, it also has a feature that allows employees to request changes to their timesheets. However, this system is designed so that the burden is placed on management to make the edits, thus wasting your valuable time. 

Why Choosing The Right One Matters

Choosing the right timekeeping software is important, as it can have a major impact on the efficiency of your dental practice. The right timekeeping system matters, because your practice has many wage and hour laws to abide by. As such, a system like HR for Health addresses these needs: It is accurate, legally compliant, and efficient. This makes a big difference in terms of the Eaglesoft vs. HR for Health comparison. 

At HR for Health, we are always reviewing user data to make improvements that our clients need. We're committed to improving our all-in-one HR solution and regularly seeking feedback to ensure our updates are relevant. We believe this living goal of constant improvement separates us from competition.  

Know The Facts

When it comes to timekeeping, there are a few things you should know. (This is important in regards to the Eaglesoft vs. HR for Health comparison.) You can't guess or estimate timekeeping, and you certainly can't round it off. Timekeeping must be accurate to the second, or you risk being charged with wage theft or non-compliance with other labor laws. 

Eaglesoft vs HR for Health: Timekeeping Breakdown

Furthermore, it is vital that timekeeping is integrated with a software package that is employee-centered — not patient-centered. These are two very different systems with highly different needs. When done right, an HR-centered program — like the one offered by HR for Health — can increase efficiency, provide invaluable insights into employee performance, and completely manage the human resources side of a business. This is why it is so important that any timekeeping program is housed in an HR suite of functions, not a patient-centered one. This is a huge advantage of HR for Health when it comes to a comparison between Eaglesoft vs. HR for Health and their software. 

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The HR for Health Advantage

As mentioned, our timekeeping system is highly accurate — to the second — while also being tamperproof. As such, it helps clients avoid wage and hour claims, which tend to be the low-hanging fruit for employees in lawsuits and complaints. Since our system also includes employee documentation, you can easily track employee violations with our electronic and cloud-based documentation system. This will allow you to easily monitor employee work time, receive notifications about overtime, and input any problems into an employee performance evaluation.

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How HR for Health Can Help

As you can see, when it comes to Eaglesoft vs. HR for Health, HR for Health timekeeping is far superior. We have a variety of functions and enhanced services that ensure your practice is protected from potential legal problems. 

Want more information? Contact HR for Health today to schedule a free demo and learn more about how HR for Health can protect your dental practice. 

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